Farmer to Grocer
A Comprehensive End-to-End Solution

Facilitrace® drives growth by eliminating uncertainty and market friction. We expand your global reach to overcome disruptive geopolitical dynamics, supplier shortfalls, and social and environmental concerns.
Our nimble solution offers actionable market intelligence and product traceability. This is far more than informed trades. It’s responsible sourcing enabled by supplier-direct communications and market analysis.
Engaged Distribution
01 —


Actionable supply trends and analytics.

Market intelligence into your supplier and their goods. Trigger transactions based on pricing and availability backdropped against world events.
Comprehensive Analytics
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Own the relationship. Eliminate friction.

Expand your global reach. Emerging markets and U.S. Grocer Retailers. Diversify by region, species, and producer/ supplier/grocer. Manage exposure and protect margins.
Integrated Financial
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Social and environmental compliance.

Trust and confidence in your sellers and the pedigree of their products. Integrate product traceability into every trade and transaction.
01 — Confidently Transact

Proactive  strategies
Transact with confidence

Facilitrace® takes the guesswork out of procurement. Actionable insights into market shifts. Mature your understanding of your suppliers and their commodities (i.e., fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins) and finished goods.
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Tailored Reports

Visualize and analyze complex data. From species to region, producer/ supplier, and far more.

Actionable Analytics

Near real-time data direct from your vetted suppliers.

Instilled Accuracy

Transact based on supplier pricing, product availability, and current world events.
02 — Supplier-direct

Sourcing does not need to be complex or expensive
Take control of your commodities and finished goods

Opportunity exists for those willing to expand their global reach into emerging markets. With Facilitrace®, you own the relationship. Full product understanding with real-time visibility. Power restored.
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Online Marketplace

Buy / sell proteins (seafood, beef, pork, chicken), food and seafood products, and commodities (peanuts, stone fruits, legumes, etc.)

Manage Exposure

Overcome disruptive geopolitical dynamics, supplier shortfalls, and other adverse impacts.


Diversify by region, species, and producer / supplier / grocer. Grow and protect margins. Keep your shelves full and product moving.
03 — Responsible Sourcing

Social and environmental compliance.
Trust and confidence in your producers, processor, and products.

Facilitrace® streamlines efficiency. Validate accuracy of supplier licenses and certifications. Integrate product traceability into every trade and transaction. Resolve doubt into the social and environmental impact of your goods and those that produced, processed, and imported them.
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Risk Reduction

Expect what you inspect. Align supplier behavior and meet your social and environmental goals. Manage risk of adverse publicity.

Integrated Ecosphere

Independent verification and full visibility into supplier licenses, registrations, and certifications as well as situational documents for every trade and transaction.
About us

Executive Profiles

John Banigan

John Banigan

Founder, President
Captain Banigan, U.S. Navy (retired) joins us from Plus Veterans, a supply chain consulting company with specialized focus in logistics services and operations. The Captain is a 26-year combat Veteran who had the distinct privilege of commanding 2 capital warships – a Cruiser and Destroyer – and directing the business line of our nation's most advanced programs. He matured a White House concept into a premier, fully operational, forward deployed ballistic missile defense combat capability. In so doing, he envisioned, authored and directed multibillion-dollar business agreements and production lines. Captain Banigan earned the prestigious Legion of Merit and Meritorious Service Medals. As Facilitrace® founder, John leads strategy and development to drive innovation in the food retail industry.

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